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What Are The Characteristics Of A Night Auditor In Hotels

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     The hotel management industry is made of some strong pillars. Each department is equally important and adds supreme value to the industry. The night auditor is one of the strongest pillars behind the hotel management industry. This job profile combines almost every aspect of working in a hotel.

       In high-brand chain hotels, where room occupancy is 500 and more than that, night auditors will have to work with other auditor managers, telephone attendants, hotel security guards, night porters, room service attendants, etc. But in smaller hotels, the night auditor has to manage most of the essential parts all alone. It is no doubt, a hard-working and highly payable job as well. If you are comfortable working night shifts, then you should not miss the chance at any cost. Here are some tips that would be helpful for you.


  1. Multi-tasking: Being a night auditor is challenging. This is not a daily 9 to 5 administrative work that you have to do. You should be fluent in hotel auditing procedures, guest management, security management, front-desk management, kitchen services, monitoring room services, and many more at night shifts.
  2. Knowledge About Auditing: You should have umpteen knowledge about maintaining balance revenue sheets. Because, the primary job of a night auditor is to prepare audit reports on daily business activities, revenues, service journals, settlement reports, occupancy, and deliver the audit reports to appropriate departments, ensuring proper maintenance of credit and accounting procedures.
  3. Maintaining Front Desk Operation: A night auditor's working hours start from 10-11 pm to 6 am. In that time, he/she handles finance & cashiering, telephone calls, reservations, and room assignments for late-night guests.
  4. Guest Management: A night auditor should be a professional guest management expert.He/she has to operate early morning checkouts, handle guest complaints. So, the person has to be very calm-minded and great in communication skills.
  5. Problem Solving Capacity: A night auditor should be highly skilled in evaluation, monitoring, decision making, active listening so that he/she could recognize the problems and list the preferred solutions easily.


The only communication point between hotels and guests during night shifts is the night auditor. You will need lots of grooming if you want to reach that particular goal. Indian Institute of Hotel Management is the top hotel management college in Kolkata where you can gather theoretical knowledge and practical experiences altogether. This college provides the best hotel management courses in kolkata, hospital management courses, hospitality management courses, travel & tourism management courses, etc.


Their expert trainers from the industry with great academic excellence provide exceptional teaching methodology designed to suit students from different educational backgrounds. This institute has tie-ups with national and international 5-star famous hotels and resorts to offer 100% placement assistance. The students are also provided 6 months of industrial training to gather practical experiences that will help them to shine in their careers.


So, if you are living in the "City of Joy" and looking for an institution where you can build your future, then the Indian Institute of Hotel Management is the perfect place for you.

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Whats Is The Impact Of Digital Menus In Hotel Industry

The hotel industry is a place where employees work with large chunks of data all the time. Employees of the front desks and back offices deal with data related to guest information, services requested, billing etc.

When the Corona virus hit us almost two years ago, we have introduced to contactless experience and we are still following the same to maintain the COVID safety protocols. There are also less number of staff working under each industry in this situation.

Especially, the hotel industry went through a very tough phase during the lockdown. Hotels and restaurants were closed for many months. But when the services started to revamp and people started to visit places, they received a digital menu card over their smartphones. Even the guests go for digital payment more rather than go for cash payment.


Days of paper menu cards are fading away. People prefer everything that is technology-based and available on their smartphones. Digital menu is the smartest option for hotel industries. It is easily accessible by guests. One just needs to scan a QR code and that is it. There are some important key points you need to take care of as a hotel manager.


Important Keypoints

  1. The details about the dishes, quantity, ingredients, price, nutritional information should be mentioned in the digital menu card.
  2. You should add some lip-smacking food photographs and videos to your menu card. It will give an attractive look to the menu and the chances of ordering will increase when people would see the pictures and videos, they would crave more about the food. It is all psychological.
  3. Add a log-in button on the front page of the menu where guests will put their contact numbers or email ids. It will help maintain the database of the guests.


Advantages of Digital menu

Electronic menus are easily editable. If you want to change the menu items, the prices, you can easily change them whenever you want. But you could not do this so easily in the case of paper menu cards. There would be a lot of wastages of previous menu cards. Digital menu cards increase revenue and reduce wastage. It is also time-saving and improves the guest experience.


The hotel industry will entirely shift into digital menu cards from paper menu cards in the upcoming four to five years. Even the industry would be dependant on Artificial Intelligence programs and Machine Learning tools soon. The future of the hotel management industry should be aware of nearing technologies.


As a top hotel management college in Kolkata, the Indian Institute of Hotel Management offers the best Bachelor degree, Master degree and diploma courses on hotel management. Chefs and owners of renowned 5-star hotels keep visiting the institute and share their experiences and views with students. This college will guide you in each step and help you shine in your career in hotel management. If you are looking for the best hotel management college in Kolkata then the Indian Institute of Hotel Management is the right choice for you.

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Front Desk Operation is just not only about answering queries and booking reservations for the guests. You have to groom yourself a lot if you are going to appear for the front desk job. Yes! Excellent communication skill is the most important criteria for this job. But there are other mannerisms you need to polish up. Here are the top 5 essential tips for Front Desk grooming-


1) Body Language:

Body language is important for non-verbal communication. Eye contact, body postures, hand movement, even the movement of your eyebrows each gesture speak a lot about your personality. You should always put a smile on your face and be open to communication with your guests.


2) Speech Modulation:

Proper pitch control and tonal quality of your voice are essential. Your voice should be properly audible. Always deliver your message in a polite way and with easy language. The tone of the voice should be professional as well as sweet. If you know the native language of the customer, try to communicate with them through the particular language.


3) Hygiene:

Personal hygiene should be highly maintained. Your hair should be clean and neatly brushed. Always present yourself with a cleaned uniform. Do not forget to attach your name badge to your uniform. Wear polished shoes regularly.


4) Study about the Currencies:

You should collect data about the currencies of various countries in the world. If you have to accept foreign currencies then you should have an idea about the foreign currency exchange procedure related to your workplace.


5) Know about Workplace:

If there is any history related to your workplace, learn it. Turn the pages of the history that helped your workplace to grow. You would not know if the guests are interested to know about the stories behind the success of your workplace.


If you want to build your career in the hotel management industries then Indian Institute of hotel Management is the right choice for you. Indian Institute of Hotel Management  started its journey in 2004. With highly qualified and experienced faculty, this institute helps you reach the height of success in your future. This is one of the best hotel management colleges in Kolkata. Indian Institute of Hotel Management offers the best hotel management course in Kolkata that will help you to be enriched with knowledge and experiences.


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