Essentials That Makes A Hotel Management Institute in Kolkata Best

June 21, 2022
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 Hotel management in the best hotel management institute in kolkata has always extended up to three to four years of degree programs. In this program, the students will be trained to work in any of the four major departments of the hotel. These departments are,


  • Front office
  • Housekeeping
  • F&B production
  • F&B services.


Apart from these four departments, a student may also choose an option to work in support departments, sales, marketing, and human resources.


However, there are institutions offering diploma programs and other certificate programs that cater to the entry-level requirements of the hotel. One has to be better at the things they do.


However, they also have to choose the right institute. Therefore, today we will share with you certain facts regarding the aspects that make a college the best colleges for hotel management out of any institute.

Aspects That Makes A College The Best For Hotel Management Courses:


  • The course content:


The course content of the hotel management institute should be rich and full of important and useful matters. The course will normally be spread over four years, divided into eight semesters. However, some colleges offer a three years course. Therefore, the content of the course will be divided into two segments.


They are core subjects and supporting subjects. The core subjects will be Accommodations Operations & Management and Food & Beverage Operations & Management. Accommodations Operations & Management is further divided into Front Office and Housekeeping Operations and Management.


The Food and Beverage Operations and Management course is further split into Food & Beverage Production and Food & Beverage Service. However, when it comes to the supporting subjects include Food Hygiene, Accounting, Economics, Statistics, Entrepreneurship, Organization Behaviour, etc.


  • The quality of students:


Students are the face of any institute. They represent the college in competition as well as activities in any off-campus establishments. Therefore, the institutes need to select the right candidates for the course. Most of these institutes have a multi-stage selection process to identify the best students.


Although the hotel management admission procedure becomes tough, it will be worth it. They will excel in their studies; the co-curricular activities will also ensure their overall development. By the end of the course, the students will be ready to work in their respective fields.


  • The teachers must be good as well:


A quality teacher is another deciding factor that tells whether the college is good or not. Teachers play an impactful role in the respective fields a student chooses. How they handle the students, the situation, and the classes will determine their attitude.


  • Student support for learning:


Provision for support activities and facilities that a student acquires is also important. It will help students to learn and develop their knowledge better. Provision of two or more spacious kitchens or bakeries, training restaurants, banquets, front office labs, libraries, computer labs with updated software, and wifi facilities all over the campus are essential for any institute.


A good institute must present regular outdoor and indoor activities where one student can participate in field trips and take benefits of hotel visits, outdoor catering, and opportunities. In addition, regular guest lecturers and workshops from time to time must be there. Online and offline training programs must also promote extra- and co-curricular activities.


  • Technologically advanced teaching and learning procedure:


It is significant to support the teaching faculties to deliver the knowledge easily. Good quality projector systems in classrooms, video and audio-enabled classrooms, live streams on development and dishes, as well as live interactions with industry professionals are the most important things that anyone could have in this field.


Apart from the educational system enabled by the technological systems, an institute must also have a convenient setting. Air-conditioned staff rooms, cafeterias, classes, and other hardware systems will make the institution more prosperous and comfortable.


  • The industry relations:


Hotel management colleges should have connections in the industry. They must maintain the relations as well. It will help in placements, conducting workshops, providing opportunities to the students, resourcing guest lecturers, and whatnot.


Ending note:

 One has to go through several factors before choosing the right and the best hotel management institute in Kolkata. However, you will be sorted if you check the matters mentioned above.

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