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Best Culinary Practices to Learn from the Masters

Working in a premium kitchen is the dream of many, especially people who love cooking. However, when it comes to joining an acclaimed restaurant as a chef, you need to know much more than basic cooking. Right from having expert cutting and garnishing skills to knowing the ratios of ingredients and modern cooking methods you need to be a pro in culinary practices to work in a professional kitchen. Being a chef you must have a thorough understanding of cookery techniques for providing the best possible dining experience to the guests.

If you are wondering how to learn these chef skills, taking admission in hotel management courses will help you grab the dream job.

Gourmet tips that you can know from the master chefs in your cooking school:

Use of variable temperature in cooking

How a dish will turn out largely depends on the temperature used for cooking. If you want the perfect outcome, you must cook the food at the correct temperature. While low temperature usually makes food soggy and bland, foods like ground meat, eggs, and fish taste better when cooked at low temperature. During your hotel management course, you will learn the proper use of temperature in cooking for a tastier outcome.

Pro tips to master your seasoning skills

Proper seasoning is the secret to make food more palatable for the guests. Salt can make or break your recipe as it’s the key ingredient used for seasoning. Adding salt or strong spices at the end or beginning will overpower all the other flavors in the food. For creating delicate layers of flavors in your food, it is important to know when salt and herbs should be added. Scientific tips from the culinary experts in your institute will help bring the best out of seasoning.

Secrets to make a flavorful dressing

Fresh ingredients always taste better than frozen or processed ones, so those should be used generously for dressing. A squeeze of fresh lime or a sprinkle of freshly ground black pepper, basil, rosemary, or thyme adds an extra zing to any dish. Whether it is a bowl of greens or chicken stew, fresh vegetables and herbs can taste to another level. However, what type of vegetables will go in which dish and which mix of herbs tastes the best is something that only the masters can teach you.

Cookery skills that you can hone to have a successful career as a professional chef

Creativity is the key – Cooking is an art and any form of art calls for creativity. There are no set rules in cooking, and you can be as creative as you want with your recipes.

Practice, practice, and practice – Mastering the art of cooking takes time, so don’t expect everything to be perfect right away. With practice, you will learn from your experience, which no cookbook can teach.

Cooking techniques - Culinary courses from a top institute will teach you the basics of food preparation using various cooking methods such as sautéing, braising, stewing, roasting, frying, grilling, and baking.

Choice of kitchenware - For perfect cooking, the material and size of the kitchenware should be appropriate for the technique being used for cooking. While a heavy-bottomed pan is good for boiling milk, a thin-bottom pan is ideal for pancakes. A cooking course will help you know the right use of kitchenware for various cooking techniques.

Garnishing and presentation skills - Attractive plating designs and decorative garnishing can enhance the visual appeal of your creations and bring a smile to the customers’ faces. During your cooking course, you will learn how even the smallest details can make a big difference in terms of the final look of a dish.

Multitasking skills

An expert chef should know multi-tasking to meet all the customer orders on time. Having expertise in cooking multiple dishes at a time, managing the handling of the dishes, and coordinating with the servers simultaneously will ensure that dishes are prepared on time as per the specifications of the customers.

Culinary etiquettes

A good chef must know how to describe food in a pleasing way to the customers. Speaking to the guests, understanding their preferences, and making recommendations based on their preferences are the qualities of an expert chef. Maintaining food hygiene, cleanliness, and kitchen management will also be a part of your hotel management curriculum.

Which hotel management college to choose?

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Whats Is The Impact Of Digital Menus In Hotel Industry

The hotel industry is a place where employees work with large chunks of data all the time. Employees of the front desks and back offices deal with data related to guest information, services requested, billing etc.

When the Corona virus hit us almost two years ago, we have introduced to contactless experience and we are still following the same to maintain the COVID safety protocols. There are also less number of staff working under each industry in this situation.

Especially, the hotel industry went through a very tough phase during the lockdown. Hotels and restaurants were closed for many months. But when the services started to revamp and people started to visit places, they received a digital menu card over their smartphones. Even the guests go for digital payment more rather than go for cash payment.


Days of paper menu cards are fading away. People prefer everything that is technology-based and available on their smartphones. Digital menu is the smartest option for hotel industries. It is easily accessible by guests. One just needs to scan a QR code and that is it. There are some important key points you need to take care of as a hotel manager.


Important Keypoints

  1. The details about the dishes, quantity, ingredients, price, nutritional information should be mentioned in the digital menu card.
  2. You should add some lip-smacking food photographs and videos to your menu card. It will give an attractive look to the menu and the chances of ordering will increase when people would see the pictures and videos, they would crave more about the food. It is all psychological.
  3. Add a log-in button on the front page of the menu where guests will put their contact numbers or email ids. It will help maintain the database of the guests.


Advantages of Digital menu

Electronic menus are easily editable. If you want to change the menu items, the prices, you can easily change them whenever you want. But you could not do this so easily in the case of paper menu cards. There would be a lot of wastages of previous menu cards. Digital menu cards increase revenue and reduce wastage. It is also time-saving and improves the guest experience.


The hotel industry will entirely shift into digital menu cards from paper menu cards in the upcoming four to five years. Even the industry would be dependant on Artificial Intelligence programs and Machine Learning tools soon. The future of the hotel management industry should be aware of nearing technologies.


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