Top 5 Criteria to Get Admission to a Hotel Management Institute in Kolkata

May 4, 2022
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Hotel management is such a career field whose demand is growing day by day. The profession is not only glamourous but also very challenging. With an increasing number of hotels and resorts being set up around the world, a prominent need for truly qualified hotel managers is being observed in this sector. There are many students from Kolkata, the capital of West Bengal who are very eager to know every fact related to the hotel & hospital management industry. Let’s explore the top 5 criteria to get admission to a hotel management institute in Kolkata.

How Is Hotel Management as A Career or as a Profession?

Before getting anything into any detail related to hotel management, first, let’s know about the nature of this profession.
Hotel management is a dynamic profession. It is a people-oriented profession. Starting from the mission and vision of this profession to the nature of this field, everything is quite different from other white-collar professions. It’s a field where the employees get the chance to interact with people of different languages and different cultures and cater professional service to them which is a unique experience.
Furthermore, hotel management is a global industry. How hotels around the world get operated is an art that a hotel management student must learn.

What Are the Top 5 Criteria That A Student Needs to Get Admission In Hotel Management Course?

There are many criteria if a student wants to get admission to a hotel management institute in Kolkata. Among the top 5 criteria are-

1. Educational Qualification: –

Though it is a fact that the hotel management profession doesn’t relate so much to the academic record but a candidate who aspires to get admission in hotel management colleges in Kolkata must have passed 10+2 level with at least 50% marks in aggregate.
There is no such rule regarding the stream of higher secondary levels. A candidate from Science, Commerce, or Arts, any stream can come to the arena of the hotel industry.
Some of the institutions arrange their entrance examination. The candidate must have passed this entrance examination.
Group discussions and personal interviews are two very important criteria to get into this course. A hotel management aspirant must consider this criterion very seriously so that he/she can prepare themselves to pass this round.

2. Proficiency in English: –
Good command of the English language plays a very important role in the hotel & hospitality industry. In fulfillment of this criterion, one qualified candidate can expect a bright future in the International hotel & hospitality management sector.
A hotel job is a global kind of job. A candidate, after passing out from a hotel management institute in Kolkata, can be placed at any hotel around the world. People from different profiles like businesspeople, celebrities, tourists, families and many more can visit the hotels for various reasons. English is a widely spoken language and it plays the role of a lingual bridge for communication between the hotel employees and visitors.
The visitors may not be familiar with the local languages of one place, but they may know English. So, knowing good spoken English is a vital criterion for a hotel management aspirant.
Also, hotel English is not the regular kind of everyday English. It is much more polite and formal.
For example, instead of “I’ll walk you up to your room” a hotel staff will say, “I can show you to your room “or in place of “How can I help?” a hotel employee rather prefers to say, “How may I be of assistance? “.
Public speaking is also associated with the job of a hotel manager and it is needed during staff meetings, event management, employee development situations and many more.
Not only spoken but also a hotel manager must have good reading, writing and comprehensive skill in English. In today’s time, workplace communication is based on email, text, social media etc. that needs a good knowledge of English.

3. Foreign Language Credential: –

Don’t lose an opportunity to grow internationally in the hotel & hospitality industry, just because you don’t know a foreign language apart from English.
Many hotels from different nooks and corners of the world, witness many visitors who don’t know communicational English properly, rather they prefer native languages for communication. Here, if you know a language like French, Spanish, German, Mandarin, Japanese, Russian, Hebrew, Arabic etc., your multilingual credential will be counted and of course, you will be rewarded with a good position and salary package in the field of hotel, hospitality & tourism.
Moreover, your bilingual proficiency will not only help you to bag a coveted job but also it will help you to communicate with your guests more properly and efficiently.

4. Teamwork: –

It is said, teamwork is the backbone of the hotel & hospitality industry. The success of a hotel is the reflection of good teamwork. Learning to be in a team and work efficiently with the team is one of the most important criteria that a hotel management aspirant should learn. An adaptive planning, proper briefing, collaboration, and communication among each team member of a hotel industry help even a middle category hotel to run hassle freely.

5. Flexibility to Work: –

Flexible working practices are perhaps one of the all those criteria that a student who wants to get admission in a hotel management institute in Kolkata must be acquainted with. A hotel management enthusiast must be flexible regarding hotel job role, timings, hospitality, etc.
Hotel staff should be trained in such a way that they should become flexible whatever the job role of lobby staff to event manager, is assigned, whatever shift is offered to him and whatever the way of treating guests is briefed to him.
It is true, nowadays, various tools and Software like “Property Management System” have lessened the burden of work in the hotel industry, but still, the practical needs of employees at work will remain of the same importance.

Conclusion: –

Hotel & hospitality industry comprises various fields like hospitals, Airlines, cruises, resorts, industrial canteens, restaurants and many more. But a visible employee shortage is seen in this sector since the Covid-19 pandemic situation. According to a study on joblist. com(2021), 69% of hotel employees have changed their minds regarding their profession and don’t want to come back to this industry.
So, there is a prominent need of well trained & qualified hotel managers in this field.
Come and join IndianIHM, the best hotel management colleges in Kolkata to learn every tactic related to the hotel & hospitality industry and brush up on your skills.

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