What is Travel and Tourism Management?

The growth of modern travel has created many challenges and opportunities for the movement of individuals and groups. The rises of global corporate environment cause the requirement of highly qualified experts to plan, arrange, and coordinate travel. Travelers are faced with many alternatives for transportation, accommodation, and other travel services. This has increased the necessity of travel professionals to guide travelers wisely and honestly. Travel agencies and corporate travel consultants have an important impact on the hospitality and travel economies including food service, lodging, leisure, travel and transportation, and meetings. This has lead to requirement of a trained breed of professionals in the industry. The degree aims at providing a good understanding of the principles and practices of business, tourism and event management.


What Do You Learn In This Course?

Travel management combines the study of specialized travel and tourism courses in Kolkata. Indian Institute of Hotel Management offers you unique facility to learn the course in a fashion that makes you industry-ready. The program is structured to provide students with a balance of hands-on experience and management theory. This is necessary to increase their knowledge and understanding how travel industry operates. This career orientation provides students with a balance of theoretical classroom instruction and also experiential opportunities. Also, students become well-versed in the use of communication technologies that allow them to conduct research over internet. Indian Institute of Hotel Management – lauded as one of the best tourism management colleges in Kolkata, offers the courses that make you to make a mark on the tourism industry.


What Will Be Your Work Prospects After The Course?

As a tourism management institute in Kolkata, Indian Institute of Hotel Management is careful about the job prospects for the students after the completion of the course. Known as the best tourism management courses in Kolkata, students in travel management prepare for careers in Travel Plan and Management that includes corporate sectors, consulting and professional meeting management. Boost your career in this digital era FlixDigit. You can have excellent employment opportunities at hotels, resorts, national tourism commissions, retail travel agencies, major corporations and other businesses. You can also start your own business.


What Is The Eligibility Of The Course?
Any student who has passed the 10+2 examination is eligible to join this course.


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