Front Desk Operation is just not only about answering queries and booking reservations for the guests. You have to groom yourself a lot if you are going to appear for the front desk job. Yes! Excellent communication skill is the most important criteria for this job. But there are other mannerisms you need to polish up. Here are the top 5 essential tips for Front Desk grooming-


1) Body Language:

Body language is important for non-verbal communication. Eye contact, body postures, hand movement, even the movement of your eyebrows each gesture speak a lot about your personality. You should always put a smile on your face and be open to communication with your guests.


2) Speech Modulation:

Proper pitch control and tonal quality of your voice are essential. Your voice should be properly audible. Always deliver your message in a polite way and with easy language. The tone of the voice should be professional as well as sweet. If you know the native language of the customer, try to communicate with them through the particular language.


3) Hygiene:

Personal hygiene should be highly maintained. Your hair should be clean and neatly brushed. Always present yourself with a cleaned uniform. Do not forget to attach your name badge to your uniform. Wear polished shoes regularly.


4) Study about the Currencies:

You should collect data about the currencies of various countries in the world. If you have to accept foreign currencies then you should have an idea about the foreign currency exchange procedure related to your workplace.


5) Know about Workplace:

If there is any history related to your workplace, learn it. Turn the pages of the history that helped your workplace to grow. You would not know if the guests are interested to know about the stories behind the success of your workplace.


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