What Are The Characteristics Of A Night Auditor In Hotels

November 24, 2021
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    What Are The Characteristics Of A Night Auditor In Hotels


     The hotel management industry is made of some strong pillars. Each department is equally important and adds supreme value to the industry. The night auditor is one of the strongest pillars behind the hotel management industry. This job profile combines almost every aspect of working in a hotel.

       In high-brand chain hotels, where room occupancy is 500 and more than that, night auditors will have to work with other auditor managers, telephone attendants, hotel security guards, night porters, room service attendants, etc. But in smaller hotels, the night auditor has to manage most of the essential parts all alone. It is no doubt, a hard-working and highly payable job as well. If you are comfortable working night shifts, then you should not miss the chance at any cost. Here are some tips that would be helpful for you.


  1. Multi-tasking: Being a night auditor is challenging. This is not a daily 9 to 5 administrative work that you have to do. You should be fluent in hotel auditing procedures, guest management, security management, front-desk management, kitchen services, monitoring room services, and many more at night shifts.
  2. Knowledge About Auditing: You should have umpteen knowledge about maintaining balance revenue sheets. Because, the primary job of a night auditor is to prepare audit reports on daily business activities, revenues, service journals, settlement reports, occupancy, and deliver the audit reports to appropriate departments, ensuring proper maintenance of credit and accounting procedures.
  3. Maintaining Front Desk Operation: A night auditor’s working hours start from 10-11 pm to 6 am. In that time, he/she handles finance & cashiering, telephone calls, reservations, and room assignments for late-night guests.
  4. Guest Management: A night auditor should be a professional guest management expert.He/she has to operate early morning checkouts, handle guest complaints. So, the person has to be very calm-minded and great in communication skills.
  5. Problem Solving Capacity: A night auditor should be highly skilled in evaluation, monitoring, decision making, active listening so that he/she could recognize the problems and list the preferred solutions easily.


The only communication point between hotels and guests during night shifts is the night auditor. You will need lots of grooming if you want to reach that particular goal. Indian Institute of Hotel Management is the top hotel management college in Kolkata where you can gather theoretical knowledge and practical experiences altogether. This college provides the best hotel management courses in kolkata, hospital management courses, hospitality management courses, travel & tourism management courses, etc.


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So, if you are living in the “City of Joy” and looking for an institution where you can build your future, then the Indian Institute of Hotel Management is the perfect place for you.

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